Last edited on November 7, 2023


Below is a “living” list of AI tools by classification. The tools listed below can be accessed on either a free or premium basis. This list is reviewed and updated periodically.

In using the listed tools, please be aware that our institution is not endorsing any specific tool, and users are responsible for following the institution's guidelines when using these tools.

AI-powered health related tools

  • Medical Chat: An advanced AI chatbot designed for health professionals, powered by GPT technology to provide precise and accurate answers to complex medical questions. It assists doctors in daily work and educates patients on important considerations regarding medications.
  • Woebot: An AI-powered Relational Agent for Mental Health, aiding individuals in feeling better mentally.
  • Glass AI: A powerful AI-driven knowledge management system developed by Glass Health, focusing on health-related information.

AI-powered personal assistants

These tools enable users to input queries, to which the system generates relevant content as a reply. It's vital for users to verify the accuracy of the returned information. Users can also input supplementary queries to elaborate on their initial request, allowing the AI to fine-tune its responses. Variations within this category include whether the AI offers text-only replies or incorporates other media (like images or GIFs), if it permits document uploads (like PDFs) for reading, and if it provides links to the sources forming the foundation of its responses.

AI-powered image generators

These tools produce images according to the input provided by users. Once the AI crafts the image, users may have the option to modify, enhance, and format it further. After finalizing the image, users can save it to their devices. Moreover, these tools might incorporate additional artistic generation functionalities, including text effects and image editing capabilities.

AI for research assistance

Users can utilize tools in this category to delve into previously published data on a particular subject. Upon inputting a topic, these tools scan and retrieve content relevant to the input, offering details and direct links to its online presence. Some tools within this group also enable users to upload PDFs and pose questions related to them, with the tool generating answers based on the uploaded content.

*For users of ChatGPT4 that allows plug-ins, you can download Scholar.AI to support your research.

AI-powered presentation creators

Tools within this category produce presentations for users anchored on specific keywords and descriptors. After an initial presentation is crafted, users have the flexibility to modify it by adjusting aspects like the subject matter, slide count, and incorporated multimedia elements. After fine-tuning the presentation, users can then download or transfer it to their devices.

Productivity tools

The tools in this category each have specific functionalities:

  • Any Summary is a tool where users can upload most file types (e.g., documents, images, videos) into this tool, and it will generate a summary of the file’s content.
  • TutorAI allows the user to enter a topic and the tool will aggregate content as an online course.

Translation AI

The following are just a few of the available AI translation tools: