Future events

Intermediate Applications of Prompt Engineering in Medical Education workshop

Hosted by the Fine Family Academy of Educators on April 17, 2024, will advance existing skills in prompt engineering among faculty and staff.

Led by Mr. M'Hammed Abdous, Ph.D., from 12:00 to 2:00 pm at Waitzer Hall 200, the workshop offers:

  • Hands-on experience with AI and Large Language Models for research enhancement.
  • Participants will leave with developed strategies for AI application in medical research, focusing on efficiency, productivity, and ethical considerations.

The workshop is eligible for AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ and requires registration and a personal device for participation.

Past events

Teaching with AI-Generated Content: Opportunities and Challenges event

Hosted by the Fine Family Academy of Educators on April 5, 2023, the keynote speaker, Dr. Abdous, holds an MA in Social Psychology of Language and a Ph.D. in Education Planning and Management.  The session covered:

  • The integration of AI-generated content in education, focusing on its practical applications and the considerations it entails.
  • Attendees were presented with real-world examples of how AI can enhance learning and teaching experiences.
  • The discussion also addressed the challenges of adopting such technologies, ensuring that the content is used effectively and responsibly.

Outcomes of the event included:

  • A set of best practices for educators in applying AI tools
  • An understanding of the ethical implications
  • Strategies to overcome potential barriers in implementation

The session aimed to equip educators with the knowledge to navigate the AI landscape within the educational sector effectively. Materials and the presentation from Dr. Abdous are available for reference, underlining the session's commitment to providing lasting educational resources.