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AI Readiness Index Survey: As part of our efforts to increase artificial intelligence (AI) awareness and readiness in our academic community, we are gathering insights on the current landscape and future potential of AI.

We invite you to participate in a short survey (three to five minutes) to better understand our collective expertise, usage and available support for AI and machine learning (ML). Your input will significantly influence our strategic direction, identifying strengths, growth opportunities and areas needing further resources or training.

The survey will explore your need for personal training in AI, any resources already integrated with your activities and your perception of institutional readiness and support.

Regardless of your current engagement level with AI and ML, your perspective is invaluable. Your thoughtful responses are key to guiding the institution towards an innovative future, fully integrated with AI and ML advancements.

Thank you for your time and for being an integral part of this important conversation. Please visit Artificial Intelligence Resources webpage for more information or email additional comments or questions to

Warm regards,
AI Executive Advisory Workgroup

Past surveys

Artificial Intelligence Guidelines and Resources Webpage Feedback Survey

The survey conducted among the faculty, staff, and students at Eastern Virginia Medical School has provided essential insights into the effectiveness and impact of the AI Resources webpage. Garnering 143 responses, the survey revealed a high level of satisfaction among users, with 78.2% expressing contentment with the current state of the webpage. Key highlights include the clarity of information, appreciated by 88.7% of respondents, and the webpage's ease of navigation.

Furthermore, the majority believe that the AI guidelines are comprehensive and that ethical and safety considerations are well addressed, showcasing the webpage's value to the EVMS community. However, the survey also identified opportunities for further enhancements to increase the webpage's relevance and utility.

Notably, there's a call for more role-specific content, as over half of the participants indicated a desire for information more pertinent to their specific roles within the institution. Recommendations from the survey suggest a strategic redesign focusing on tailored content, improved feedback mechanisms, refined navigation, expanded ethical guidelines, and increased interactivity to foster a more engaging and user-friendly experience.

Implementing these changes will ensure the AI Resources webpage continues to meet and exceed the evolving needs of its users, reinforcing its role as a critical resource in the advancement of AI knowledge and application within the community.