The nanoString nCounter FLEX Analysis System, a technology for multiplexed, amplification-free, single-molecule digital counting of DNA, RNA, and protein, is available for use in the EVMS Biorepository.

Panel/Assay supply kits are required in order to utilize the system. Information about the nCounter FLEX system and the 30+ available panel/assay supply kits can be found on the nanoString website at


Sign-up for the User Group

Each supply kit runs 12 samples simultaneously.  Unused sample wells cannot be used at a later time.  To facilitate the conservative consumption of supply kits by coordinating and sharing use, please sign-up for the EVMS nanoString user group by sending an email to Dr. Laurie Wellman ( with the subject line nanoString User Group.


nanoString Supply Kit Purchase Request

EVMS Investigators: After signing-up for the User Group, EVMS Investigators can request the purchase of nanoString supply kits using Strategic Plan funds.

Investigators from other institutions: To purchase nanoString supply kits, non-EVMS Investigators should contact Dr. Laurie Wellman at


For questions about the nanoString system

Contact Dr. Laurie Wellman or Mary Ann Clements