EVMS  is dedicated to creating a culture of innovation for our faculty and health care community.  As such, we are excited to announce that we have partnered with TreMonti Consulting, LLC, a management consultancy that provides strategic programs and intellectual property management services.   TreMonti has assumed the role of the EVMS Technology Transfer Office and will be responsible for facilitating our efforts to improve our technology disclosure and transfer process as well as for helping inventors navigate the patent process, find funding partnerships, and generate new license opportunities.

TreMonti was founded in 2005 by Gregory P. Sullivan and Jan Heidjer Staecker, who bring over 40 years of combined professional experience in commercialization and licensing of intellectual property.  TreMonti has had over 150 clients internationally since its inception and provides advice and commercialization assistance to universities, governments, and companies.  TreMonti has professional staff in Reston, VA, and added an office in Fort Worth, TX, in 2011.

 TreMonti‚Äôs success and effectiveness are predicated upon providing subject matter experts and staff who understand the technical and commercial opportunities of new technologies.  To that end, TreMonti has assigned  Dr. Richard Swatloski as our Technology Transfer Consultant    Dr. Swatloski  has a Ph.D. in Chemistry, has 50+ peer-reviewed publications, and is the co-inventor on 7 US patent applications, and 50+ with foreign equivalents. He has previously serve as the Director for the Office of Technology Transfer at the University of Alabama and is currently a Director and Compliance Practice Leader for Tremonti.   If you have a question about your intellectual property/technology, please contact Dr. Swatloski at swatlorp@evms.edu  or techtransfer@evms.edu.