IRS Employer TIN/EIN Number: 54‐6055378

Data Universal Number System (DUNS): 058625146


CAGE Code Number: 02SP5

Cognizant Agency: Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)

DHHS Rate Agreement Date: 05/19/2021

USDA Registration Number: 52‐R‐003

IRB Identification Number: 01NR

NIH Entity ID Number: 1‐546055378‐A2

Human Subject Assurance Number: FW A00003956 (as of 1/14/2005)

NSF Organization Code Number: 0001768000

Misconduct in Science Date:  03/01 (Annual)

Congressional District: VA 003

Type of Organization: Private, Nonprofit

Organizational Component Code: 01

Major Subdivision: School of Medicine

Animal Welfare Assurance number: D16-00007

NIH IPF Code:  471501

NAICS:  611310

OPE ID Number:  010338

FICE Number:  010338 (Federal Interagency Committee on Education)

State Corporation ID:  n/a

State ID Type: Education Instrument


Updated 7/18/22