Advarra, Inc. (formerly Chesapeake Research Review) is a commercial IRB that provides review services to institutions, sponsors, agencies and many other customers. The same regulations apply no matter what IRB reviews a study. Advantages to using Advarra could be: 

  • Less time for initial review time as their IRB meets multiple times per week;
  • Custom services such as preparation of consent documents before IRB review;
  • May already be serving as a sponsor’s IRB making the addition of your site fairly easy;
  • And, many other features.

With permission, investigators may use Advarra, Inc. for the IRB review. Because Advarra is a commercial IRB, users must pay for each of the services they access.  As such, Advarra is mainly used when there is a sponsor who is willing to pay the fees. However, anyone can use Advarra, but Virginia Health Sciences at Old Dominion University users must demonstrate a commitment to cover the costs prior to submission. If funds are not available to support the review, the Macon and Joan Brock Virginia Health Sciences at Old Dominion University investigator must use one of two in-house Brock VHS IRBs.

Local review is required for certain types of studies so please consult with the Research Subjects’ Protections office early in your review preparation about whether using Advarra is appropriate.

In order to request use of Advarra, complete the Advarra Submission Cover Sheet and the Advarra Oversight Waiver and submit to the Research Subject Protections office. The office will consult with the Institutional Official and return the signed Oversight Waiver if approved. 

IMPORTANT:  Any individual can enter the submission into the CIRBI program and serve as the Contact Person, but the final submission, must be made by the PI logging into CIRBI with their credentials and choosing “Submit”.

Advarra Documents