IRB policy revised in response to concerns

Recently, an updated policy regarding the eligibility criteria for serving as the Principal Investigator on studies submitted to the EVMS Institutional Review Board (IRB) drew some questions and concerns. In response to these concerns, the policy has now been further revised.

 Key points of the New Investigator Policy include:

  1. Principal Investigator Criteria: The policy establishes clear criteria for determining who is eligible to serve as the Principal Investigator on EVMS IRB submissions.
  2. Co-Investigator Requirements: Specific requirements are outlined for individuals to be listed as Co-Investigators on a submission.

The effective date of this policy is March 1, 2024. Be aware that the policy will be applied to all IRB submissions that receive a final approval or determination on or after this date, not when the submission is initially received.

Submit questions or concerns to Betsy Conner, Director, Human Subjects Protection Program, 446-5854.