These premade templates contain EVMS, Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters and Children's Specialty Group branding; these designs have been approved by the appropriate marketing and public relations teams.

Each template has been sized for 24 inches height by 48 inches width. This sizing also works for any other required 1:2 dimension.

If selecting the link does not begin the download, right click the link and select "save file as" or "save link as." 


Poster Template 1 | Download


Poster Template 2 | Download

Poster Template 3 | Download

Poster Template 4 | Download

Poster Template 5 | Download

Poster Template 6 | Download

Poster Template 7 | Download

Poster Template 8 | Download

Poster Template 9 | Download

Poster Template 10 | Download

For poster presentation tips (drafting your poster, preparing for your presentation, presenting the poster, etc.), please consult the Resident Research Handbook (page 29).