These premade templates contain EVMS, Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters and Children's Specialty Group branding; these designs have been approved by the appropriate marketing and public relations teams.

Each template has been sized for 24 inches height by 48 inches width. This sizing also works for any other required 1:2 dimension.

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Poster Presentation Tips

Drafting your Poster

•Use a layout that can be easily followed when you are not standing with your poster. It is helpful to use Background, Methods, Results, and Discussion sections in column format. Follow conference guidelines for the inclusion of an abstract (if applicable).
•Use the template above of best fit
•Include overviews of the background that led you to do your study and the methods used in your study.
•Make sure you have clear guidelines from the conference venue on poster size requirements.
•Letters when enlarged should be at least ½ inch tall. Tables and figures should be clear and easily seen from a distance of 3-4 feet.
•Have at least two colleagues proofread your poster.

Preparing for your presentation

•Practice your presentation in advance for flow and timing. Get feedback from colleagues.
•Anticipate questions and rehearse answers, especially “How does this work differ from the other research in this area?” or “What makes this case so unique?”
Presenting the poster
•Have a one-sentence “hook” that captures the attention of a viewer that stops at your poster.
•If they stay, give an overview of your work in 3-4 minutes.
•Ask the viewer if they have any questions.
•Listen carefully and wait for the person to finish the question.
•Rephrase the question, answer it and then ask if you have answered the question
•Thank your viewer for visiting.

Tips for presenting

•Talk to the viewer, not the poster! Make eye contact.
•Avoid jargon and acronyms when possible.
•Speak clearly and slowly; do not go into too much detail unless asked.
•Give people time to look at the poster; stand to one side but stay in the picture.
•Keep your hands out of your pockets. Point to specific parts of your poster to show the progression of your presentation.
•If more viewers arrive halfway through your presentation, finish for the earlier group first.