Otolaryngology (ENT)

Exploring and advancing the science of disorders of the ear, head and neck, providing superior education for medical students and residents, and delivering outstanding, compassionate care to patients.

Our residency

Our graduates are ready to practice general otolaryngology or enter advanced training in the subspecialty of their choice. Residents use the skills they gain from our patient-centered practice to make a difference in their communities locally and globally.

Our training program offers an outstanding, well-balanced exposure to all aspects of the field, including otology/neurotology, head and neck oncology, pediatric otolaryngology, laryngology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, skull base surgery, rhinology, general otolaryngology, allergy, audiology and speech pathology.

A resident studies in the Temporal Bone Lab

Advancing the field through research

Our research is making a difference. Based on research findings, Dr. Barry Strasnick helped enact a 1999 Virginia law for newborn hearing screening. Screenings like this have helped families like the Keanes, whose baby Charly failed her newborn hearing test. Charly has now received a cochlear implant from EVMS ENT surgeons.

Our investigators are leading numerous studies and clinical trials open to enrollment with the potential to change lives.

Patient care for the individual

EVMS Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeons offer advanced, patient-centered care. Schedule an appointment in one of our specialties: