Course number: OBG401

Course description: Experience will be provided in history taking and examination of new and established patients presenting with various problems of female endocrinology and/or infertility. Cases will be discussed with the senior faculty advisor. During the course, the student will be expected to become familiar with a broad range of topics involving endocrinology and/or infertility. Reading and literature review will be encouraged. There is opportunity to be involved with surgery depending on experience and desire of the student.

Intermediate objectives

  1. Obtain an overall impression of the type of gynecology seen in the field of reproductive endocrinology and infertility with special emphasis on in vitro fertilization and ovulation induction
  2. Review basic knowledge in reproductive endocrine physiology
  3. Relate pathology of reproduction to defective physiology

Enabling objectives

  1. Take an adequate history of patients with reproductive endocrine problems
  2. Know how to evaluate the endocrine status by clinical skills, BBT, cervical mucus and vaginal smear
  3. Understand the principles of selectively ordering a laboratory test for the differential diagnosis of reproductive endocrine problems

Distribution of student’s effort:

  • Patient contact: 100% outpatient

Offered by: Sergio Oehninger, MD
Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine
Other participants: Dr. David Archer, Dr. Laurel Stadtmauer and Dr. Silvina Bocca
Location: Office/hospital
Periods offered: October, December, March and May
Duration: 4 weeks
Number of students: 1
Student level: Third- and fourth-years
Night call: No
Prerequisite: OB-GYN clerkship
Evaluation: 100% clinical