Flow Cytometry Core Facility

The Flow Cytometry Core Facility provides access to flow cytometry instrumentation and expertise to support research at EVMS and beyond. Flow cytometry is a technique for measuring individual cells in a stream of fluid (HPLC for cells). This instrumentation can be used for cell phenotyping, cell cycle analysis, cell signaling, protein modification and more. 

Molecular Core Facility

The Molecular Core Facility supports research and education for faculty, students and staff on campus as well as off-campus research entities. For a nominal fee, users enjoy unlimited access to technologically advanced equipment for the analysis of DNA, RNA and protein. 

Bioinformatics Analytics Core Facility

‌The Bioinformatics Analytics Core Facility uses and develops innovative techniques for the analysis of data sets for EVMS researchers, their collaborators and the biotechnology industry. The use of bioinformatics techniques has become a popular, reliable and unbiased way to generate large data sets as sequencing has become the readout of choice for many cutting-edge assays. We let the data speak for itself in guiding the creation of custom portfolios to provide succinct, translatable results.