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Third Year Fourth Year

M3 Clerkship Phase AY23-24
Clerkship Schedules MD2025

M3 Clerkship Phase AY24-25
Clerkship Schedules MD2026

Career Exploration Catalog

M4 Elective Phase AY23-24
Electives Catalog AY23-24

M4 Elective Phase AY24-25
Electives Catalog AY24-25
Elective Schedules MD2025

Official SIS Schedule


Course Coordinators and Student Coordinators

Third Year Fourth Year

M3 Clerkship Rosters - Clerkship Coordinators

M4 Roster Processing - Course Coordinators
VSLO Request Management
M4 Electives Catalog


 Academic Administration - STAFF ONLY LINKS

Onboarding ELO Admin Evaluation & Assessment Registrar

M3 Clerkship Onboarding
M4 Electives Onboarding

M3 Clerkship Rosters-ELO
M4 Elective Rosters-ELO
M4 Student Schedules-ELO

M3 Match Roster
M4 Elective E&A Roster
M4 Catalog Report
Preceptor Report
M3 Clerkship Order Report

M4 Registrar's Report

 If you need assistance with any reports or would like additional reports created, please reach out to

Visiting Students

 Visiting Students

M4 Elective Catalog Archive