The EVMS Arts for Optimal Health Program is hosted by the Graduate Art Therapy and Counseling Program in the EVMS School of Health Professions. The new program’s mission is to bring art therapy and arts engagement services to the community for wellness, healing and growth, supported through partnerships for education, research and patient care.                                                                     


Clinical Projects

The Arts for Optimal Health Program provides art therapy services through sponsored projects through private, local, state, and federal partnerships which are assessed by program evaluation.

Community Service

AOHP and the GATCP facilitate partnerships to encourage art therapy and counseling students to invest in their community, to fulfill the mission of EVMS to have a community focus, and to promote arts engagement for wellness and healing.

Education & Advocacy

The AOHP provides education for community members about mental illness, special populations, and the benefits of art therapy. Arts engagement and art therapy advocacy are a primary focus for educating our community.


The GATCP faculty partner with various groups to research the efficacy and benefits for wellness and healing of art therapy and arts engagement. Current proposals are in the development process and once approved by the IRB they will be posted.