Below are some training videos and documents that will benefit you when you are new to EVMS.

Most cases, EVMS Graduate Medical Education uses the ACGME definition of residents - any physician in an accredited graduate medical education program, including interns, residents and fellows.

When providing numerical data in requested reports, GME requests that the individual/office requesting be very specific in the question that is asked. For instance, the following two requests would provide different results:

  • I need the number of all residents in ACGME-accredited programs.
    • Limited to those in approximately 30 programs.
  • I need the number of all trainees in all accredited and/or board-approved programs.
    • Includes ACGME, APA and CPME accredited programs, as well as 2-3 board-approved programs.

Onboarding trainees

EVMS GME accepts all J-1 visas. Other visa types depend on where the individual went to medical school.

U.S. medical school: Residents who graduate from a U.S. medical school on an F-1 visa may switch over to an H-1 visa with only notification to the Vice Dean for Graduate Medical Education and GME.

Non-U.S. medical school: Residents who graduate from a non-U.S. medical school and request to come in on an H-1 visa will require the approval of the Vice Dean for Graduate Medical Education prior being offered a trainee slot or being ranked in the NRMP Match.

Complete this form at least two weeks prior to your interview dates. Once your stickers are available, Amanda Parker will contact you to arrange delivery or pickup.

There are a multiple forms needed to complete the Virginia temporary license application. They are listed below with who is responsible for completing each form. 

  • Form A: This form is completed by the EVMS program coordinator/director.
  • Form B: This form is completed by the trainee's medical school. This is not required for ECFMG certificate holders or a psychology intern.
  • License application: This is completed by the trainee. A picture is included on the first page and the last page is notarized unless the trainee is obtaining a permanent license or is a psychology intern.
  • ECFMG certificate: This is required for trainees who are foreign medical graduates.
  • Medical School Diploma: This is required for trainees who are foreign medical graduates (translated into English).
  • Payment: The $55 processing fee is generated by GME once we receive all of the above forms.


The onboarding checklist is staggered for two main reasons. The initial checklist that a trainee receives is given first because the information in this checklist feeds many hospital, GME and institutional reports. By collecting it first, it reduces the number of times a trainee has to duplicate information.

The remaining checklist is on a time release because some departments request this, such as Human Resources or Occupational Health, or because the actions of the checklist are time-sensitive, such as eCare's "no earlier than 30 days" rule.

Current trainees

There are two processes to change a trainee's name - with HR and with GME.

To change a name with Human Resources, a trainee will need to bring their new social security card, new ID and marriage license to the HR office. Once the documents are received, HR will print a new badge and officially change the name within their system and with payroll.

To change a name with GME, a trainee can email a copy of their new social security card, new ID and marriage license to Candice George. Once we receive the documents, we will complete the necessary forms with the Board of Medicine, New Innovations, Oracle, IRIS, CHKD, eCare Security and the Network Information Center. The Board of Medicine takes about a week to update its records. If a license reprint is needed, there is a $5 fee.

The trainee will also need to log into their NPI account within 30 days and make the change.

The first step is for the trainee to send an email to Pamela Briggs in Human Resources, copying Candice George in GME, requesting the FMLA paperwork. Please include the training program and due date. An email also needs to be sent to Candice George in GME with the balance of the trainee's vacation and sick time. A trainee's maternity leave will be a combination of vacation and sick time. If more time is needed, the trainee will go on unpaid leave; however, going over the leave limit may extend a trainee's program time.

Inbound visiting physician:

  • Needs a Virginia medical license
  • Can receive education credit for this time
  • Needs an Affiliation Agreement in place

Navy rotator:

  • Paperwork due at least 3 weeks prior to the rotation

Observation-only physician:

  • Does not touch patients/subjects - "shadowing" only
  • Does not need a Virginia medical license
  • Does not receive education credit for this time
  • Cannot exceed four weeks

Research Scholar:

  • Must register through Human Resources
  • Does not see or touch patients/subjects - only in research lab
  • Does not need a Virginia medical license
  • Does not receive education credit for this time

Once approved by GME, the contract will be uploaded to the Personnel module of New Innovations (Personnel > Personnel record > Contracts). It cannot be accessed by the trainee, only a Level 5/6. The original will be filed with GME.

Terminating trainees

Trainees leave early or stay late for many reasons. Once you are aware that this is happening, email Candice George. An action sheet, which can take up to three weeks to process through the system, needs to be completed by GME to ensure pay and benefits are turned off at the appropriate time. A missed termination date can lead to the trainee having to pay back compensation. If a trainee is extending their time at EVMS and they are on a training license, at least two weeks notice is needed to renew and update the Board of Medicine with the change.

New Innovations

Follow these breadcrumbs (Personnel > Add New Person) in New Innovations to add a new faculty member. Add the new faculty member's personal information. Make sure the work role states "faculty." Once complete, the person will go into a "pending" status until approved by GME. GME doesn't receive notifications when a person is added. Please email of the addition to notify Candice George and Amanda Parker. One of these two will confirm and advance your new faculty member.

Do you have a question that we haven't answered?


  • Candice George about onboarding, transferring - both within and out of EVMS - or early/late terminating trainees
  • Amanda Parker about paperwork for terminating trainees
  • Monica Kamien about Navy rotators
  • Michelle Serrano about visiting physicians or physicians who are inbound, outbound and observation-only