In order to continue to receive federal, state, and institutional financial aid, you must maintain satisfactory academic progress according to your program's guidelines; you must also meet the pace requirements of federal regulations. As a student, you are required to be familiar with these requirements as well as your program requirements. Please download and read the full satisfactory academic progress policy and review it as needed. Should you have any questions about the policy, please contact Financial Aid by phone at 757.446.5804 or by email at

The required satisfactory academic progress appeal form is also available should you need to appeal a financial aid suspension. 

If you meet all progress requirements stated in your program's student handbooks, you will meet satisfactory academic progress requirements for financial aid. If not, there is a timeline for when you will lose aid eligibility.


After term Academic standing Financial aid academic standing
1 Good Good
2 Warning Warning
3 Probation Loss of aid/subject to appeal
4 Probation continued An appeal must be refiled/updated
5 Standing regained Eligible for aid 

150% rule:
Financial aid cannot be offered for terms beyond 150 percent of the normal program length. Although terms do not have to be consecutive for aid purposes, at any point it is not feasible for the student to complete the program within 150 percent of the normal length, financial aid eligibility ceases. 

Example (based on full-time attendance):

Program Number of terms (normal progress) Number of terms (150% rule)
Doctor of Medicine 8 12
Physician Assistant 7 10
Surgical Assisting 5 7
Master of Public Health 6 9
Medical Master's 2 3
Counseling & Art Therapy 4 6
Biomedical Sciences Research, MS 4 6
Reproductive Clinical Science 4 6
Biomedical Sciences, PhD 6 9