Regardless of why you are leaving Financial Aid wants to help you leave on the road to successful repayment of any student loan obligations you may have incurred.  

If you have completed your program, congratulations! You will be required to attend an exit loan counseling session during your last term of enrollment. There is also an online exit counseling process to complete. Both are recommended, but unless you are a distance student, you are required to attend the in-person session. 

If you are having to take a leave of absence or withdraw you must complete the exit interview process. The best way to guide you through what to expect involves an in-person interview. If an emergency pulls you away, we can mail an exit counseling packet to you. 

If you are leaving during a term, you need to follow the steps outlined in your program's student handbook. That will ensure that each department needing to know of your change in status will be advised. Financial Services will complete the return of the Title IV funds process, which determines how much of your financial aid you will be allowed to keep to cover any account charges. Note that depending on when you are withdrawing, you may have a balance due because of insufficient financial aid.  

For complete information regarding withdrawal and refund policy, please see Financial Services. 

Exit checklist

In-person counseling includes:

  1. Total borrowed
  2. Loan servicers
  3. Use of NSLDS
  4. Repayment options
  5. Grace period(s)
  6. Avoiding delinquency
  7. Loan consolidation
  8. Cancelation or forgiveness