In planning an educational activity, there are some questions that need to be answered: 

  • Why are we doing this? 
  • What professional practice gap has been identified? 
  • What do physicians need to know, understand and change regarding this need?   

Developing a needs assessment based on this gap and identifying the underlying problem or learning needs builds the foundation of all activities. From these, objectives and goals are developed, along with content, learning methodology and assessment of the program. 

To begin the planning process, please contact Drucie A. Papafil, MEd, CHCP, Director of CME, by email at or by phone at 757.446.6140.

EVMS CME follows the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) essential areas and policies in developing educational programming for physicians as evidenced by the EVMS CME application. These include:

Essential area 1: Purpose and mission

Element 1.1

Have a written statement of its CME mission, which includes the CME purpose, content areas, target audience, type of activities provided and expected results of the program.

Element 1.2

Demonstrate how the CME mission is congruent with and supported by the mission of the parent organization (if a parent organization exists).

Essential area 2: Educational planning and evaluation

Element 2.1

Use a planning process that links identified educational needs with a desired result in its provision of all CME activities.

Element 2.2

Use needs assessment data to plan CME activities.

Element 2.3

Communicate the purpose or objectives of the activity so the learner is informed before participating in the activity.

Element 2.4

Evaluate the effectiveness of the CME activities in meeting identified educational needs.

Element 2.5

Evaluate the effectiveness of the overall CME program and make improvements to the program.

Essential area 3: Administration

Element 3.1

Have an organizational framework for the CME unit that provides the necessary resources to support its mission, including support by the parent organization (if a parent organization exists). 

Element 3.2

Operate the business and management policies and procedures of the CME program (as they relate to human resources, financial affairs and legal obligations), so that its obligations and commitments are met.

Element 3.3

Present CME activities in compliance with the ACCME's policies for disclosure and commercial support. Review the ACCME's full standards for commercial support.

If you would like more information about activity planning, or if you would like to schedule a planning meeting, please contact Drucie A. Papafil, MEd, CCMEP, Director of CME, by email at or by phone at 757.446.6143.