The Research Subcommittee will assist the steering committee in developing priorities and plans for the research enterprise at EVMS and for promoting integration of those ideals across the mission areas of patient care, education and administration.

Initial Goals and Objectives:

Goal: Enhance multidisciplinary research that aligns with funding opportunities


  • Resource obligation for multidisciplinary research
    • People, seed money and external reviewers for seed grants
  • Integration of core resource utilization for multidisciplinary research
    • Subsidization/equipment
  • Strategic recruitment
  • Support students along with the Education Subcommittee
  • Interface with the Administration Subcommittee on IT and data needs

In addition to the kick-off meeting on November 28, the Research Subcommittee met with an ad hoc group of National Institutes of Health funded investigators on December 8. The subgroup met again on December 13.

Download a draft of the Research Subcommittee's goals and strategies.

These goals and objectives may be revised as the strategic-planning process moves forward.