A key component of an institutional effectiveness framework, the annual unit assessment planning and reporting process provides administrative units regular opportunities to assess the extent to which services, activities, or experiences it offers are having the desired impact on those they are intended to serve.

It involves systematically collecting and analyzing evidence to determine how well the unit is accomplishing its intended purposes, and using the findings to improve performance. In addition to evaluating outputs from services, outcomes assessment also measures the quality and impact of a unit’s services to its stakeholders and in fulfilling the institutional mission.

Each administrative unit at EVMS develops an assessment plan that articulates the intended outcomes of their work, how these outcomes link to institutional and unit mission and goals, the methods they will use to assess whether they are achieving these outcomes, and criteria for determining success.

Annually, they collect and analyze data that measure their effectiveness and prepare a report that describes their findings and how they have used the results to improve their operations.

Below you will find supporting documentation for the assessment process and reporting using Weave.