The site structure is the first thing you will see when you log in to T4. It is the hierarchy of sections or pages within the EVMS website.

Websites need to be organized in a way that makes sense to site visitors. The kind of organization found within a site structure should be similar to how you might set up folders on your computer. The site structure begins with the root section. Underneath this root section, EVMS has two "channels": the Home channel (which is EVMS' public website) and the myPortal channel (the private site). Depending on your access rights, you may see sections within both of these channels. While you may not see these channels in your site structure, you can find out where a section lives by clicking on it and looking at the breadcrumbs, or file path/URL, at the top of the section's page.

Many sections have sections underneath them (called child sections). If a section has child sections, a plus sign will show to the left of the section name, which allows you to expand the structure below to see the child sections. 

A GIF shows the expansion of child sections.

You can navigate back to the site structure from anywhere in T4 by:

  • Clicking the home icon at the top of any page
  • Clicking the site structure icon in the header menu
  • Clicking on the T4 logo in the top left corner of any page

 An image of the site structure in TerminalFour. Red boxes outline the areas users can click to navigate back to this page.

Section status

In the site structure, you'll see icons that represent different section statuses.

  • Approved (solid folder): Will publish if it contains approved contentIcons show the different status a section may have in TerminalFour.
  • Hidden (outlined folder): Will not show in navigation 
    • Outlined folder icons represent sections that are hidden from navigation (meaning this section will not show up in the website menu) while solid folder icons show in navigation/in the website menu.
  • Inactive (red folder): Marked for deletion and can be permanently deleted by an administrator
  • Pending (orange folder): Will not publish to the live website
  • Internal link section (hyperlink symbol): Link to a section that exists elsewhere in T4
  • External link section (arrow and box): Link to a webpage outside of T4