The refresh slider displays a series of slides in one module. Users can click buttons to see other slides. 

A GIF shows the functionality of the refresh slider.

To add a refresh slider to a page, you must use two content types: the refresh slider container and the refresh slide.

First, you need to add the refresh slider container. The refresh slider container only has one field. The name field is the title of the slider, which shows on the website. In the example above, "Where you'll train" is the name of the refresh slider container.

Next, you'll need to add a refresh slide piece of content for each individual slide within the slider. To add a refresh slide to a page, complete the following fields:







Link to profile: 

Once you have filled in the appropriate fields within the content type, click Save and approve at the bottom of the page to make the content live.

A .gif shows how to save and approve a piece of content in T4.