Accounts Receivable bills and collects payments for outside vendors, contractual services and hospitals. All students in the Doctor of Medicine, Art Therapy, Biomedical Sciences, Surgical Assistant, Physician Assistant and Public Health programs are billed through this office and tuition is collected and posted to their individual accounts.

For questions about your student account please email or call 757-446-6063.  

Student Billing

Tuition is due in full on the first day of class, in accordance with the Student Accounts Receivable Policy.  Typically, student bills are disbursed one month prior to the start of class, based on the individual student bills can be viewed online on the student portal. Statements are posted every Monday.

Withdraw Accounting

Students who desire to withdraw from EVMS must complete a Leave of Absence and Withdrawal Form, which is available from the EVMS Registrar. A student using financial aid to help pay educational expenses, whose account was paid-in-full prior to withdrawal, is likely to owe EVMS after withdrawal. The schedule that is used to determine the amount of tuition due to EVMS is below. Return of Title IV funds are handled in accordance with federal law. Please refer to EVMS's official Student Accounts Receivable Policy for additional information on withdraw accounting. Students considering withdraw should consult Financial Aid

The percentage of tuition owed to EVMS will be calculated according to the following schedule:

Withdrawal Date/Percentage of Term Completed

Percentage of Tuition Owed to EVMS

0% (Withdrawal within the first 7 calendar days)


8 days – 25%




51% to 100%



Send Payments to:

EVMS Accounts Receivable
PO Box 1980
Norfolk, VA 23501-1980


Accounts Recievable Contacts:

Ryan Cruz, A/R Clerk
Phone: 757.446.6063
Heather Coston, A/R Office Coordinator
Phone: 757.446.5740
Grace Claro, A/R Supervisor
Phone: 757.446.6067
Please visit Financial Aid for assistance outside of our services.