New Faculty Orientation (NFO) is an important component of acclimating to EVMS as a faculty member. This program aims to present new faculty with information essential to their academic roles, academic success and advancement. New faculty learn about resources available at EVMS to support their academic endeavors. It takes place two times a year on the EVMS campus.

The videos below provide a quick overview of a number of institutional services to support our faculty.

Diversity and Inclusion

EVMS is committed to improving access to health care, providing more culturally competent care and reducing health care disparities, particularly among minority and underserved populations. The school's goal is to produce a diverse medical and heath professions workforce to improve the overall health of our communities through excellence in education, research and patient care.

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Mekbib Gemeda, Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion

Fine Family Academy of Educators

The Fine Family Academy of Educators exists to facilitate, recognize and reward educators’ educational excellence and scholarly engagement through advocacy, professional development and recognition and award opportunities. Its core values are collaboration, inclusivity, creativity, excellence and service.

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Judith Taylor-Fishwick, Assistant Director, Fine Family Academy of Educators; Director, Professional Development

Library Resources

Our librarians can help you learn how to use the library and its resources, conduct subject research, compile bibliographies and find quick, factual information. 

Learn more through the Making Your Life Easier with Library Resources presentation


The mission of the EVMS Office of Research is to provide service to the faculty, staff and students in administrative and regulatory features of research activity at EVMS.

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William Wasilenko, PhD,  Vice Dean, Research


The Wellness program at EVMS is open to faculty, staff and student. Its mission is to create and sustain a healthy community that educates, motivates and empowers all institutional members to engage in wellness and fulfillment.

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Serina Neumann, PhD, EVMS Wellness Officer

Instructional Design and Technologies

EVMS Online subject matter experts and instructional designers collaborate to create instructional environments which make learning more efficient, effective and appealing.

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Brielle E. Ashley, MAEd&HD, Director