Fine Family Academy of Educators Grant and Award Opportunities

The Academy offers Grant and Award opportunities to EVMS faculty and educators to encourage, support and recognize the pursuit of educational excellence and scholarship.

To find out more on how you can become a member of the Fine Family Academy of Educators, click here.

Nominations for the three Educational Excellence Awards are now being accepted through Friday, September 24, 2021.
  • Three Educational Excellence Awards designed to recognize and celebrate outstanding educators and acknowledge achievements in education. A call for nominations is issued in August as part of the annual EVMS Employee Service and Recognition Awards. Each awardee receives a $500 monetary stipend. The three award categories are:

    Educational Innovation in Curriculum Development, Teaching, or Assessment
    Educational Leadership
    Educational Scholarship

  • Two Education Research grants of $3,500 each. Grants will be given for projects or reviews/synthesis papers that make a substantial contribution to advancing research, theory or  practice in health professions education. Collaborative projects are encouraged. An FFAOE member can apply individually or in collaboration, including with a non-FFAOE member. Non-members can only apply in collaboration with a FFAOE member. Proposals must be consistent with previously published criteria for scholarship, and be completed in 2-years. The results are expected to be disseminated at EVMS Educational Scholarship Day and to the wider external health profession education community. $1,500 will be given when the project begins and $2,000 when the project is disseminated.

    The deadline for the 2-page proposal is generally in January. Reviews will take place in February and announcements made in March. Proposals that do not focus on education will not be accepted. Non-members of the Academy must make a commitment to apply for membership.

   Education Research Grants Application

  • Two travel awards of $1,500 each. These awards are given each academic year to present the findings of scholarly work in education. Requests can be made at any time of time.

 2020 Awardees Announced!