Art Therapy & Counseling Program

The EVMS Graduate Art Therapy and Counseling Program is a rigorous art, clinical and research-based program that has been educating art therapy professionals since 1973.

Student Spotlight

Christa Turpin, 1st Year A.T. Student, was awarded 'Best in Show' in the Suffolk Art Gallery's 30th Annual Juried Photography Exhibit for her devastatingly simple altar-like triptych "Honor, Courage, Commitment".  This three-in-one image shows a minimal bedroom with military dress wear laid long ways to one side on a bed with a formal gown on the other. The two opposing panels show "his and her" nightstands, a clock on "hers", a weapon on the other with a bag packed nearby. Through such a modest tableau, one is confronted with the more personal reality of what serving the country means for those left behind. This work is at once iconic and utterly contemporary. And unquestionably, it employs the absolute most appropriate means to make this such a fitting record and work of art: digital photography.

The exhibition will be on display at the Suffolk Art Gallery through April 18th.

winning artwork in 30th annual juried photography exhibit

Sonya Brown and Abigail Williams, both 1st Year A.T. students, submitted artwork in the 43rd Annual Student Art & Design Exhibition at the Tidewater Community College Visual Art Center.   Sonya received the Award of Excellence in Painting for her submission titled 'Sarah Elizabeth'; and Abigail the Dr. Michelle Woodhouse Provost Award for her submission titled 'Elephant'.

The exhibition will be on display at the TCC Visual Art Center through April 20th.

 Student Spotlight feature               Student Spotlight feature