Our mission

EVMS Student Research (formerly Medical sTudent Research Opportunities [METRO]) was formed in September 2020. Its primary missions are to promote medical students’ awareness of short or long term research programs offered within and outside of EVMS and enhance medical students’ research experiences through close collaborations with existing research programs.

In October 2020, the inaugural director recruited three first-year medical students to found a students’ club named EVMS Research Society (ERS).

Our Goals

Student Research and the ERS are working collaboratively and synergistically to achieve these goals:

  • Diversify students’ research interest across a spectrum of disciplines.
  • Keep students informed regarding all available research opportunities.
  • Invite senior students to share their experiences in finding research opportunities.
  • Create teams of students in learning the trending of topical research areas.
  • Form mentor/mentee teams consisting of faculty and students.
  • Fulfill the research needs of medical master students.
  • Cultivate research camaraderie among students.
  • Quantify the research and scholarly output of students.