EVMS faculty interested in recruiting student researchers should email us with the following information:

  1. Project Title
  2. Research Areas (e.g., emergency medicine, neuroscience, etc…)
  3. Brief project description (a very succinct paragraph)
  4. Number of students needed
  5. Prior experiences expected of students (none required or be specific)
  6. Estimated time commitment (hours per week)
  7. Virtual or onsite for student participation (choose one or state both may be required)
  8. Students who are interested should contact (provide names, emails and department/unit affiliations)



All research requests to collaborate with Sentara or to utilize Sentara resources, including sites of care, data, patients or procedures, must submit a request through the Sentara Research Request Portal.


The answer is NO. Students may be granted Sentara EPIC access for clinical education as part of the medical school curriculum. However, this privilege can’t be used for research.

For accessing Sentara’s EPIC database for chart review: In order to utilize Sentara EPIC for research purposes, researchers must submit a request for EPIC access to EVMS and then to the Sentara Health Research Center. Please follow the instructions listed below to request an EPIC username and password for research purposes. 

  1. Please complete the EVMS Data Request Intake Form (EDRIF)
  2. After completing the EVMS Data Request Intake Form please complete the Sentara Health Research Center submission form.
    1. Within the submission form please attach the IRB approval document showing that you have been officially added to a research study.
    2. Also for the question “Specific aims of this study” include the statement Request is for EPIC Access Only.
    3. Please enter the EVMS Office of Research Data Request Number (#) that you receive after completing the EVMS Data Request Intake Form.

Once you have completed those steps please let me know and we will finalize your EPIC access approval.