Explore Conflicts of Interest (COI) for Grants and Contracts

This webpage provides information related to conflicts of interest (COI) in research and sponsored projects.

New Conflicts of Interest Regulations and Policy:

  • The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has amended the Public Health Service regulations related to the disclosure of investigator financial interests, review, management and reporting financial conflicts of interest associated with research projects funded by NIH and other Public Health Service agencies. 
  • To comply with these new requirements and to promote objectivity in all types of research/sponsored projects, EVMS has adopted a new Policy on Conflicts of Interests (COI) in Research and Sponsored Projects
"Investigator" is defined as the Principal Investigator/project director, senior/key personnel and "any other individuals, regardless of title or position, who the Principal Investigator deems to have authority or independent responsibility over the design, conduct or reporting of research/sponsored projects."