EVMS Sleep Medicine provides educational opportunities in sleep medicine to EVMS medical students, residents and fellows. Our ACGME-accredited one-year fellowship results in eligibility for American Board of Internal Medicine Sleep Medicine subspecialty certification.

Our faculty lecture first-year students on sleep neuroscience, second-year students on insomnia, parasomnias and excessive daytime sleepiness and third-year students on obstructive sleep apnea and drugs and sleep. Medical students in their fourth year can participate in elective two- or four-week sleep rotations.

In addition to our Sleep Medicine Fellowship, post-graduate trainees in other programs rotate with our division:

  • Internal Medicine residents are assigned to sleep medicine for one half-day and can complete a sleep medicine elective rotation.
  • Psychiatry residents can pursue a monthlong sleep medicine elective.

We work alongside other EVMS departments to increase awareness and help prevent the detrimental effects of insufficient sleep in medical professionals.