Student printing

The library offers several locations where users can send a print job:

  • Student Center
    • LH_StudentCenter_HP_LaserJet_M611
    • LH_StudentCenter_HP_Color_LaserJet_M651
  • Computer lab
    • BMSL_Lab_HP_Color_LaserJet_5550
    • BMSL_Lab_HP_LaserJet_M611
  • Computer classroom
    • BMSL_Classroom_HP_LaserJet_M611

There are two additional color printers in Waitzer Hall that are not maintained by the library.

  • 1st floor breakroom
  • 3rd floor common area

Printing from your laptop

All new accounts are on-boarded with the Mobility Print system.  On-campus users can access instructions here: 

Those who would like assistance with setting up printing with their laptops, please visit the Network Information Center (NIC) for assistance. The NIC is located in Lewis Hall, Suite 1003, across from the Student Center.

Printing costs

Students are given a generous printing balance of $200 per year. For most students, the annual allowance cycle begins on July 1. For Physician Assistant students, the annual allowance cycle begins on January 1. Credits from the previous year do not carry over. Fees from the previous year are not deducted from a new allowance balance. Printing costs are as follows:

  • 10 cents per page for simplex (single-sided) black and white documents
  • 20 cents per page for duplex (double-sided) black and white documents
  • 30 cents per page for simplex color documents
  • 60 cents per page for duplex color documents

Patrons who print in black and white should be able to print 2,000 simplex pages annually, which is more than enough for the average student. If your account balance drops below $5, you will receive a low balance notice from PaperCut. Those who exceed their allowance will be charged at the rates listed above. PaperCut uses the standard accounting practice of displaying negative balances in parenthesis; e.g. ($4.90) equals -$4.90. The charges will appear on their library accounts, and they will receive a monthly bill.

Please note that all library accounts must be paid in full prior to graduation. Graduating student accounts are limited in April to avoid incurring a negative balance before graduation. Please visit the circulation desk for additional information and help with print credits. 

PaperCut / Print Balance

PaperCut is the Library’s print auditing software to track printer use and available printing credit.

PaperCut uses your Macon and Joan Brock Virginia Health Sciences at Old Dominion University credentials to authenticate you as a valid user and log you into the system. In other words, just use the same username and password you use to log into myPortal, Blackboard or Brock Virginia Health Sciences email.

PaperCut, features a web interface that empowers students to manage their own accounts. The following is just a sample of what you can see or do in PaperCut:

  • Summary page
    • Check your balance
    • View total print jobs
    • View total pages printed
    • See your environmental impact
  • Rates page
    • Hover your mouse over the details section of each printer to see printing costs
  • Recent Print Jobs page
    • See your recent print jobs
    • Request a refund via the request refund link
    • Negative balances are shown in parenthesis; e.g. ($4.90) equals -$4.90.

Tracking your printing account using PaperCut

Students are responsible for monitoring their available printing credit. The PaperCut system will send a low balance notification at $5.

On-campus users can check account balance here:
Use the desktop shortcut on Lab & Classroom PCs

Printing FAQs

Yes. After installing the correct print drivers, you can print to network-enabled printers in the library. Learn more.

Please follow these steps to troubleshoot printing issues:

  • Prior to printing, save the document you wish to print to the desktop in the computer lab. Then, open the document from the desktop and print. This is a best practice when using any computer lab. In the library computer lab, documents will be deleted from the desktop when you log off.
  • Check to make sure that you have selected the correct printer. You may choose the lab, classroom or Student Center printer depending on your location. If you accidentally chose an incorrect printer location, your document may have printed there. Please note: Graduate "grad" printers are no longer used.
  • The latest Mac iOS can cause problems with the network print manager. The Network Information Center (NIC) advises students to check with them before upgrading operating systems to confirm institutional compatibility. If you are having problems printing from your Mac laptop, please consult with the NIC or print from the lab computers. 
  • Documents larger than 100MB will print the first page only, or no pages at all. These files must be broken into smaller units. Breaking up the document can be done by printing the document in stages. For example, a 140MB document of 40 pages could be printed in 4 stages: pages 1-10, 11-20 and so on.
  • Try saving the document as a PDF and print the saved PDF. 
    • PDF documents that are printing incorrectly, such as those with garbled text, will sometimes print correctly when printed as an image. Learn more.
  • If the printer is offline, jammed or is displaying some other error message, please see the lab manager.
  • Those who are having trouble printing from their laptops can transfer the document to a desktop computer in the lab or classroom. Use a flash drive, forward the document as an email attachment or use Sendlt.
  • Graduating student accounts are limited in April to avoid incurring a negative balance before graduation. Please visit the circulation desk for additional information and for help with print credits. 

Some documents, despite your best efforts, will not print. If you have tried all of the above and are still having difficulty, ask the lab manager for advice. If you are still having problems printing from your laptop, please contact or visit the NIC for assistance.

Duc Nguyen, Lab Manager, is usually in the computer lab and available to assist library patrons from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays. If you don’t see him, asl the staff at the Circulation Desk. Please do not try to fix printer issues yourself. It is very easy to damage the small plastic pieces inside the printer. Many people rely on these printers, and we would hate to have printers down while we wait for replacement parts.

Please feel free to email the library at with any questions you may have regarding PaperCut or printing.

Please note that this only works on campus.

You can view your print history online or check your printing balance.

Sign in with your Novell credentials and view recent print jobs. By default, PaperCut only shows today's successful print jobs; to see more, you will have to change the filter settings. PaperCut does not charge until a document has started to print, and it does not charge if the job is misqueued.

Of course! You can either log in to the PaperCut web interface to fill out an online refund request form, or email Richard, Systems Librarian. If you send an email request, please include a detailed explanation of why you are requesting a refund, including the date and time. We try to be as fair as possible, but please note that we will only honor refund requests for printer errors, not user errors. For example, we will give you credit if a defective cartridge smeared ink across a page and you had to reprint it. We will not give credit if a user forgot to pick up a print job or accidentally printed the wrong document.

The Brickell Medical Sciences Library printing charges are among the lowest in the nation. A survey of comparably-sized medical and health sciences libraries found that most institutions charge between 10 to 25 cents per page for black and white printing, and 50 cents to a dollar per page for color printing. Also, most institutions do not provide a printing allowance and those few that do provide less than $50 on average. Macon and Joan Brock Virginia Health Sciences at Old Dominion University students receive a $200 allowance annually.

The printers are usually relatively fast. On some occasions, when multiple users are trying to print large files at the same time, the printer queue will slow down. Large amounts of data or numerous simultaneous print requests can take extra time for the printer to process. If slow printing is an issue, give yourself plenty of time or try to print your documents during peak times.

  • Make sure the caps lock is off and that you are using the correct EVMS network login.
  • When was the last time you logged onto the EVMS Novell network? Remember that your password resets every six months. Before reset, you should have received a password reset email notification from the Network Information Center (NIC). If you did not reset your password at that time, please contact the NIC or the Library Information desk for the web address.
  • Try another computer. On very rare occasions, the network port for a lab or classroom PC may have been tripped as a result of a network security flag. If you think this has happened, please report it to the lab manager.

If you still cannot login using your password, you will have to contact the NIC Help Desk. The NIC staff have access to many diagnostic tools to troubleshoot account problems.


Self-service copier is located on the first of the library. Each single-sided black and white copy costs 5 cents. Each single-sided color copy costs 30 cents.

Copy cards can be purchased at the circulation desk in the following amounts:

  • $2.50 (50 copies‌)
  • $5.00 (100)
  • $10.00 (200)
  • $20.00 (500)

Copiers on the first floor also take coins and bills.

Please bring exact change or checks for copy cards, as the library cannot make change.