There are study tables, carrels, and study rooms throughout the library. These are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

There are 25 group study rooms: 16 on the second floor and nine on the third floor. These are equipped with monitors and whiteboards. 

For your safety, do not leave your items unattended.

Waitzer Hall also has study rooms.

Reserving Rooms
Study rooms may only be reserved by faculty for curriculum-related small group sessions. Notification of scheduled sessions will be posted on the lobby display.

Food & Drink
All food/drink and associated containers/wrappers must be disposed of in the large black trash receptacles and blue aluminum can recycling bins, located on each floor for this purpose. Do not dispose of food/drink items in the small waste baskets in the stack or study areas. 

General Use Guidelines And Priorities. (reviewed 2024)
When not reserved by faculty, study rooms may be used on a first-come, first-served basis per the following priorities:

  • Overall priority for the use of rooms is given to EVMS students.
  • Priority is given to primary clients (individuals or groups) using curriculum-related audiovisual resources/equipment.
  • Group study rooms are intended for use by groups who are studying together. Groups have priority over one or more people studying individually. Individuals must yield or share the space.
  • The library encourages collegiality by sharing study spaces.
  • Use of the group study rooms is contingent upon following library policy and upon observing the needs of others for quiet study.
  • Personal belongings may not be left in the study rooms to hold them; items left unattended will be moved to the Circulation Desk and consigned to the lost-and-found if not retrieved.

Brickell Medical Sciences Library Noise and Cell Phone Policy (December 2012)
This policy was established to maintain the Brickell Library as an environment conducive to studying, research, learning, teaching and collaborative interaction.

Quiet Study Areas

Quiet study areas consist of study tables, study carrels, and the corridors leading to them; they are located throughout all four floors of the library. Study rooms are used for group study, small classes, and interviews. While talking is expected, please be respectful of their intended use and keep noise levels to a minimum in these areas.

All cell phones and other electronic devices must be in their silent or vibrate mode. When making or receiving a cell phone call, patrons must move to one of these approved areas:

  • Library rotunda
  • Front stairwell
  • Study rooms (close the door)

NOTE: the first floor corridor between the north and south entry doors is not an approved area for cell phone use.

If you have any questions, contact the Information Desk.