Study Areas

There are study tables, carrels and study rooms throughout the Library. These are available on a first-come basis.  

Study Rooms

There are twenty-four group study rooms: sixteen on the second floor and eight on the third. These are equipped with DVD players, large 52" monitors and whiteboards. 

Study rooms may only be reserved by faculty.
Study Room Reservation Form 
To view a schedule of reserved study rooms visit Meeting Room Manager. Use login "library" and pw "EVMS"

When not reserved, rooms may be used on a first-come, first-served basis in accordance with the following priorities:

  • Overall priority for the use of rooms is given to EVMS students.
  • Priority is given to primary clients (individuals or groups) using curriculum-related audiovisual resources/equipment.
  • Group study rooms are intended for use by groups who are studying together. Groups have priority over one or more people studying individually. Individuals must yield or share the space.
  • Use of the group study rooms is contingent upon following library policy and upon observing the needs of others for quiet study. Personal belongings may not be left in the study rooms in order to “hold” them; items left unattended will be discarded or consigned to the lost and found.