EVMS International Emergency Medicine Fellows are full-time employees of Emergency Physicians of Tidewater (EPT) and are paid through EPT.


Global Emergency Medicine Fellowship Benefits



The boards of individual specialties may have specific requirements for the amount of time spent in a training program. If an extended leave of absence, for any reason, is necessary, the trainee should discuss the effect of the leave on the requirements and duration of the training program.


Trainee Benefits

Dental Insurance: A dental insurance policy is provided to the Fellow.

Health Insurance: Fellows are provided group health insurance. If the Fellow wants to add a spouse or dependent coverage, that cost will be the responsibility of the Fellow.

Life Insurance: A life insurance policy is provided to the Fellow.

Disability Insurance: A disability insurance policy is provided to he Fellow.

Professional Liability Insurance: The department provides professional liability insurance covering medical activities clearly defined within the scope of the training program at no cost to the trainee.