Samar Belaid, MD

Medical School: Ross University

Hometown​: Alexandria, VA

Hobbies/interests: Photography, Writing, Reading, Painting, Swimming and Kayaking

Future goals: ​I've always had more of an outpatient interest. I definitely want to incorporate more women's health into my learning and future practice. I've also had an interest in volunteer work/mission trips, so that is something I want to work towards as I get more experience.

Why Ghent Family Medicine?​ When I was researching about EVMS, all I found were good reviews from happy graduates. It's also located in the beautiful city of Norfolk, surrounded by water (which I love). But the deciding factor was definitely the staff. During my interview, they made me feel so welcome and there was just a family feel that immediately made me comfortable with everyone. It's a very diverse program, and the faculty were very motivated to help the students and residents pursue their interests.