Our Mission

Medical Student Research (MSR) aims to foster a culture of innovation and discovery among medical students by providing them with the necessary training, resources, and mentors to pursue their research interests. Our vision is to inspire the values of professionalism, intellectual curiosity, humility, and teamwork in our medical students, empowering them to become leaders in the medical research community.

Our program encourages and supports our medical students’ research interests, regardless of prior experience or background. Every medical student has the potential to make a meaningful contribution to the field of medicine. It's our responsibility to help them achieve their goals.

We recognize that research can be challenging and requires perseverance, patience, and collaboration. Therefore, we prioritize creating a supportive and inclusive environment that encourages teamwork, mentorship, and communication.

Ultimately, our goal is to inspire our medical students to become lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and compassionate healthcare providers who are committed to advancing medical knowledge and improving patient outcomes.