Once accepted you will be required to attend a new student orientation, and you will be considered to have matriculated and be "in attendance" as of that day. Should you fail to attend, your position in the class will be considered vacant and will be offered to another applicant unless previous arrangements with the Program Director have been made.  A detailed schedule for Orientation/Registration will be available.Your acceptance is conditioned upon your completion of the following requirements. (Note that failure to complete any of the requirements in the timeframes outlined will result in your acceptance being withdrawn):

Mandatory criminal background and sex offender registry- upon request you must provide the appropriate authorization and information to initiate same with seven (7) business days of receiving an email from Certiphi, Inc. The process for reviewing criminal background checks can be found in the Doctor of Medicine Student Handbook on the Institutional Policies and Handbooks web page. 

EVMS must receive official transcripts from each college you have attended prior to your matriculation. These transcripts must contain grades for courses you have completed prior to your matriculation date, must show successful completion of all courses required by this program, and must specify the date upon which any degree was awarded.  If you are currently a student in a graduate program at another institution, you must fulfill all requirements for that program prior to matriculating. EVMS reserves the right to withdraw its offer of acceptance if your current academic performance is unsatisfactory or if transcripts are not received prior to matriculation.

EVMS adheres to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations for immunizations and tuberculosis surveillance and the immunization requirements of Virginia law as described under the EVMS Health Requirements for Incoming Students, Residents and Fellows. Applicants confirming acceptance on or before June 10, must have all health requirements completed by July 1. Applicants accepted after June 10 will have 3 weeks from the date of confirming acceptance to complete all health requirements.

Applicants born outside of the United States must provide proof of United States citizenship or Permanent Residency status with this offer of acceptance.  We require one copy of either a Birth Certificate, Passport, Naturalization Certificate, Resident Alien or Green Card for residency.

Online Pre-Orientation and Registration modules with be available in the Acceptance Portal. You will have access to this portal once your EVMS credentials are issued to you.

The Doctor of Medicine program has developed Technical Standards required of all students, and are published online at the program's web site. These standards describe the essential functions students must demonstrate in order to fulfill the requirements of that program, and thus are prerequisites for entrance, continuation, promotion, retention, and graduation. You will be required to certify that you have read the Technical Standards and can fulfill them, with or without reasonable accommodation for physical and/or mental disabilities. If you intend to request accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, you must contact the EVMS Director of Student Disability Services, Emily Magee, MS at 757-446-7443 or MageeEF@evms.edu.  For information, see the EVMS Student Disability Guide.

In accordance with AAMC recommendations, by April 30 of each year, an applicant may hold only one medical acceptance and should withdraw his or her acceptances from other schools by written correspondence. Eastern Virginia Medical School reserves the right to withdraw this offer of acceptance if you do not follow this recommendation.

All EVMS students are subject to the "Honor Code" administered by representatives of the EVMS student body on behalf of EVMS. The Honor Code and other school policies can be found in the MD Student Handbook on the Institutional Policies and Handbooks web page.