The following webpage contains COVID-19 guidance developed for students, faculty, staff, residents and fellows at Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS). This guidance was periodically reviewed and updated between March 2020 and June 2024.

Last Updated: 10-05-2023

Business travel

The Continuity of Operations Task Force is continuing to monitor the guidance provided by the CDC and VDH and will adjust protocols as appropriate.


International business/academic travel by students continues to be prohibited with the exception of certain cases where a student is invited to present at a scientific or academic meeting, including poster and paper presentations. These cases must be submitted to the Task Force and Risk Management for consideration and approval. Only students up to date on their COVID vaccine may submit an application. Note that all international travel for business/academic purposes by faculty, residents, fellows, and staff is subject to approval in accordance with the Risk Management Policy on International Travel. See Travel Guidance for more information.

Applications must be submitted in accordance with the EVMS Policy on International Travel.

Applicants need to be aware that, when an application is approved, the decision is based on the best available information at the time of approval. Subsequent changes in the pandemic, or in the situation on the ground at the destination, may require a revocation of previously approved applications.

  • The Task Force recommends that, prior to submission of an application to Risk Management, applicants should review the U.S. Department of State’s travel advisory levels and the CDC Traveler’s Health site
  • Applicants should understand that:
    • Travel applications for a Level 4 advisory site will not be processed.
    • Travel applications for a Level 3 advisory site require additional internal review.
    • A CDC Outbreak Notice requires additional internal review.
  • Risk Management will check both websites 2 weeks and 1 week prior to the traveler’s departure date:
    • An elevation to a Level 4 will result in revocation of approval as EVMS sponsored travel.
    • Elevation to a Level 3 or a CDC outbreak notice will require additional internal review and may result in revocation of approval.
  • Travelers should review and confirm their airline’s policy on ticket vouchers and/or reimbursement for cancelled flights.
  • Travelers must adhere to each country’s COVID entry and exit requirements as well as the current United States COVID re-entry policy.
  • Travelers must adhere to U.S. travel requirements for travel to U.S.
  • Travel to OFAC Sanctioned Countries continues to be restricted post-COVID.

The Continuity of Operations Task Force is prohibiting international travel from EVMS for business purposes. The international situation is slowly improving, but remains highly risky. 


Domestic travel is permitted, subject to the EVMS travel policies and COVID protocols as well as any additional guidance that may be issued by the CDC or Virginia Department of Health.

Private travel

Private travel by EVMS employees and students and travel related to Graduate Medical Education programs are governed by the following guidance.


  • No testing or quarantining is required for fully vaccinated, asymptomatic international travelers who are coming to EVMS. See the definition of "fully vaccinated." EVMS Occupational Health must have a record of immunization.
  • No testing or quarantining is required for international travelers who have recovered from COVID-19 in the past 90 days. A proof of COVID-19 positive test date is required, as is a statement from a provider indicating that person is past isolation.
  • Unvaccinated international travelers must have a negative test within three days prior to travel to USA. Additionally, they need testing on day 3-5 after arrival in the USA and they need to quarantine at home until day seven. If the test result on day 3-5 after arrival is positive, then 10 days of isolation is required as is being afebrile for 24 hours.


  • Asymptomatic Domestic travelers who are fully vaccinated with FDA authorized vaccines do not need testing or quarantining. Occupational Health must have a record of immunization.
  • Asymptomatic Domestic travelers who are not fully vaccinated do not need testing or quarantining unless there is a known exposure to Covid-19 or PUI or they are symptomatic. In that case, testing is done on day 5 with clearance after day 7 if they remain asymptomatic, and the test result is negative, or they are eligible to return according to the symptomatic employee protocol.

Symptomatic traveler

All symptomatic travelers need testing ASAP and should remain isolated until test results are available such that Occupational Health or Student Health can address each case. (The RedCap travel or post-exposure survey should be completed.)