Last updated: 08-12-2021

EVMS events held off-campus are subject to the masking and food guidelines. Large (more than 50 attendees) indoor activities should be moved to a virtual format if possible.

Masking is recommended when attending non-EVMS indoor events.

Social events not permitted

Effective Monday August 9, 2021, EVMS will not hold social events, either indoors or outdoors. Educational/research/business meetings may proceed as long as everyone is fully masked. That includes activities such as classes and seminars where both the speakers and audience are required to be masked.
Food remains limited to boxes/bottles, but should only be provided if essential to the success of EVMS educational/business/research activities. If food is provided as an essential part of an educational/business activity, social distancing of at least six feet is required.

Read the Masking and Social Distancing guidelines.

Virtual student events require approval

Please remember that all virtual student events require approval by Student Affairs, even if the event was previously approved as an in-person event. Please contact Joann Bautti or Diane Dougherty with any questions.