Current pandemic conditions allow a department or program to host campus events as long as they are following these guidelines:

  • Approval is obtained from the Continuity of Operations Task Force. Requests should be sent well in advance of the planned event.
  • All EVMS faculty, staff, students and guests in attendance are following the EVMS masking and social distancing policies.
  • All external guests must be vaccinated.
  • All events with food and beverage must implement these additional requirements:
    • Cocktail-sized tables cannot be used at this time as they do not allow adequate distancing for social functions.
    • Attendees must be seated at 6-foot round tables with a maximum of four people per table to ensure proper distancing while eating. Classrooms with existing multi-table stations may be used with two per table, when eating. Signs on each table should inform attendees of the maximum number of seated guests allowed.
    • Masks must be worn for the duration of the program and may be removed only when eating; mask-wearing should resume immediately after finishing.
    • Food and beverage must be individually contained (food in boxed containers; beverages in cans or cartons). Permitted exceptions to this are only for seated meal functions with these requirements in place:
      • Covered, plated meals are brought to tables by catering staff who are masked and gloved.
      • Buffet stations are manned by catering staff who are masked and gloved serving attendees. Shared serving utensils are not permitted.
    • Beverages must be picked up or served in cans, bottles, or cartons.
  • When ordering food and beverage, please also note EVMS’ new policy on discontinuing single-use plastics in 2022. Food must now be served in disposable, sustainable containers, or consumed from rented glassware, flatware and china.

Virtual student events require approval

Please remember that all virtual student events require approval by Student Affairs, even if the event was previously approved as an in-person event. Please contact Joann Bautti or Diane Dougherty with any questions.