In Memoriam

Please notify Alumni Relations if you aware of someone missing from this list.

Class of 1976
Frank W. Ewald, Jr., MD  (Deceased 4/11/2015)
Richard S. Ginsberg, MD (Deceased 8/31/2002)
Larry C. Strongoski, MD (Deceased 10/21/1999)
Matthew Tignor, MD (Deceased, 9/24/17)
Mary Lou Weber, MS A.T (Deceased 10/27/15)

Class of 1977
William B. Buckman, MD (Deceased 5/6/1996)
Helen K. Freeman, MS 1977 (Deceased 8/26/05)
Philip V. Gillespie, MD (Deceased 9/20/2006)
F. Douglas Jones, MD (Deceased 7/15/2009)
Tony J. Ryals, MD (Deceased 11/7/2004)

Class of 1978
Donna Craig, MD (Deceased 1/2/1993)
William Gillette, MD
J. N. Gregory, MD
Keith B. Hall, MD (3/8/2018)
H. Richard Mercer, MD
W. Craig Wessells, MD (Deceased 9/20/2010)
Judith P. Tepper, MD (Deceased 11/7/2012)
Patricia Cooper, MD (Deceased 04/01/2014)

Class of 1979
William L. Donley II, MD (Deceased 8/14/2011)
Robert J. Landry, MD Alumni Resident 1979 (Deceased: 6/23/05)
Ms. Ronnie N. Long, MS A.T. (Deceased 5/24/2005)
Kenneth M. Rafal, MD (Deceased 8/20/2007)
James B. Stanley, MD (Deceased 4/8/2010)

Class of 1980
David L. Pass, MD (Deceased 4/14/2006)
John S. Tavenner, MD
Frank M. Yeiser, Jr., MD (Deceased 4/23/1995)

Class of 1981
Charles L. Jennings, MD
Farookh D. Mistry, MD Alumni Resident ‘1981 (Deceased 1/6/08)
Dr. Michael Moore, MD (Deceased 9/7/2015)
Robert W. Quigg, MD (Deceased 4/24/2009)

Class of 1982
David M. Brown, MD (Deceased 2/1/2003)
Alan R. Cole, MD (Deceased 5/14/2005)

Class of 1983
Paul M. Desmond, MD
Margaret McIntyre, MD (Deceased 9/16/17)
Kay M. Simmons, MD

Class of 1984
Cynthia Mobley-Glowacki, MD (Deceased 7/31/18)
Kenneth B. Weitzner, MD (Deceased 4/10/2010)

Class of 1985
Susan G. Shook, MD (Deceased 4/1/1998)
Nora E. Budzilek, PsyD (Deceased 1/21/2005)
Marilyn F. Graham, MD (Deceased 5/9/2005)
Mr. Gordon H. Morrisette, MS A.T. (Deceased 12/10/2006)
Sherry A. Sandlin, MD (Deceased 5/17/13)
Kim Piland, MD (Deceased 9/20/2014)

Class of 1986
Johnna R. Autry, MD, EVMS Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Residency Alum '86 (Deceased 3/29/1996)
Gary Browning, MD, EVMS Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency Alum '86 (Deceased 9/9/2009)
James Fenn, MD, EVMS Emergency Medicine Residency Alum '86 (Deceased 1/23/17)
Helga F. Remler, PsyD (Deceased 8/8/2008)

Class of 1987
Mickey "Mickey" Creef, MD (Deceased 9/26/16)
Susan Garvey, PsyD (Deceased 2/23/2011)

Class of 1988
David B. Magliaro, MD (Deceased 4/28/2014)
Stephen Ganderson, PsyD (Deceased 9/13/2010)
Frederick R. Jordan, MD (Deceased 9/23/2006)
Philip N. Light, MD (Deceased 5/9/2018)
William H. Woessner, MD (Deceased 10/30/2012)

Class of 1989
James E. Toliver, MD (Deceased 6/10/2014)

Class of 1990
Mr. Peter C. Azubuike S.A. (Deceased 9/18/2008)
James Bradford Doxey, MD (Deceased 9/22/2017)
John H. Kellogg, MD (Deceased 1/5/2003)
Diane Louise Hamilton Coltrin, MD (Deceased 12/22/2012)
Matthew F. A. Sevcik, MD (Deceased 5/17/2015)

Class of 1991
Peter W. Lauzonis, Jr., MD

Class of 1992
James K. Marsh, MD (deceased 7/21/2016)
Steven R. Simmerman, MD
Richard A. Smith, MD (deceased 8/21/2007)
Steven Roth, MD (deceased 2/20/2013)
Julienne L. Fahnestock, MD (deceased 12/8/13)

Class of 1994
Henri M. Barnwell, MD Alumni Resident (deceased 4/29/13)

Class of 1995
Evelyn Lin, MD
Huy Q. Nguyen, MD

Class of 1996
Paul E. Doyle, MS (deceased 8/19/18)
Gesa M. Lamers, MD (deceased 3/26/2008)
Edward O. Van Dyk, MD (deceased 5/27/2006)
Scott W. Woodruff, MD (deceased 4/21/2000)

Class of 1997
Kevin G. Hegewald, MD (deceased 9/20/2011)
Philip K. Verghese, MD

Class of 1998
Thomas R. Johnson, MD (deceased 4/2/2000)

Class of 1999
Phillip A. Winkler, SA (deceased 8/16/2017)

Class of 2000
James N. Babione, MPH (deceased 7/21/2006)
Joseph M. Gibson, MD (deceased 12/30/2009)

Class of 2001
John Cantwell, MPA '01 (Deceased 2/9/18)
David Slesinger, PsyD 2001(Deceased 11/4/15)
Erin Wagman, MS Deceased  10/19/13)

Class of 2002
John E. Williams, MD, EVMS Surgery (deceased 6/25/2009)

Class of 2003
Brandon F. Falk, MD (deceased 4/11/2008)

Class of 2004
Fredrick S. Phillips, MD, EVMS Internal Medicine (deceased 9/23/2010)
Willcox K. Ruffin, MD, Pathology and Anatomy Residency Alumnus (deceased 1/10/2007)

Class of 2005
Olivia Devereaux Naples Bostic, MS,Physician Assistant (Deceased 7/30/2014)
Paul D. De Lapp, MD (Deceased July 17, 2015)

Class of 2006
Susan V. Hallowell, MS Biomedical Sciences (Embryology) (Deceased 2/26/2012)
Melissa R. Heagerty, MD (Deceased 2/25/2011)

Class of 2008
Ms. Alexandra B. Rudolph Biomedical Sciences (Embryology) (deceased 6/12/2011)
Lysa Story, MPA 2008 (deceased 7/20/16)

Class of 2009
Kimberly J. Filbert, MPH ’09 (deceased 5/25/13)
Nabell Qureshi, MD '09 (deceased 9/16/17)

Class of 2010
Natalie K. Heide, Masters of Physician Assistant, PA-C (deceased 5/4/2014)

Resident Alumni
Rodolfo Orencia, MD, EVMS Family and Community Medicine (deceased 5/22/2011)
Matthew Bishop, MD, EVMS Emergency Medicine (deceased 7/17/16)