Katie Kolb smiles at the camera wearing her white coatKatie Kolb, MD Class of 2025, hopes to one day start a specialty clinic to care for rural patients in southwestern Virginia. Thanks to the EVMS MD Alumni Scholarship, Ms. Kolb now has additional support to help her achieve that dream.

Giving back isn’t new to the second-year medical student. Ms. Kolb’s strong commitment to community service set her apart from other competitive applicants. In her application, Ms. Kolb highlighted two youth-focused programs she helped to establish in her home county of Lee, Virginia.

The first program, Mentoring Lee’s Future, draws on partnerships with local government officials and nonprofits to connect 9- to 18-year-olds from at-risk backgrounds with trusted adult role models. Before the program was created, “there was not a local mentoring program for youth in the general population,” Ms. Kolb says. Mentoring Lee’s Future is currently training its first group of mentors. Thanks to Ms. Kolb’s efforts, the group also was selected to participate in a pilot program for MentorHub, a start-up app that provides resources for mentors and mentees.

While launching Mentoring Lee’s Future, Ms. Kolb also worked on her undergraduate senior project at William & Mary. From personal experience, Ms. Kolb knew that high school students from her hometown lacked access to higher level STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) courses. “I felt very unprepared compared to my peers who attended high schools with more funding and who had access to opportunities at local colleges,” Ms.Kolb says. She created BEECH (Biology Enrichment & Career Help), a website designed to help students access high-level science activities online. Ms. Kolb hopes her site inspires more students from rural Virginia to build their skills and eventually pursue careers in STEM fields.

Ms.Kolb’s personal dedication to her community makes her an ideal recipient of the EVMS MD Alumni Scholarship. Founded by the community for the community, EVMS remains a service-based school with an enduring commitment to improving health outcomes and reducing health disparities in Hampton Roads. Providing financial assistance to promising members of the next generation of providers is an investment in that commitment.

“This scholarship allows me to move toward my goal of helping rural patients,” Ms. Kolb says. “It also helped me gain more confidence in myself since starting medical school.”

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