To fulfill our mission and vision, we must be strategically focus on the areas that provide the greatest leverage for effecting change in our academic health center and our greater community. To that end, our institution has identified seven long-term goals:

  • Cultural Alignment: Strengthen our entire organization's collective pursuit of our mission, vision, and values.

  • Education: Maintain the highest professional standards for our residential and distance learning programs to prepare graduates to excel in their chosen profession and to respond to societal healthcare needs.

  • Research: Enhance and strengthen our research enterprise in order to improve community and national health.

  • Patient Care: Enhance our clinical enterprise to provide the highest quality patient care distinguished by our research and academic clinicians.

  • Affiliates: Strengthen relationships with our affiliates by determining and delivering value.

  • Finances and Funding: Ensure ongoing financial stability.

  • Marketing: Strengthen our brand awareness and reputation to increase preference and support from students, patients, physicians and the community.

Adopted April 10, 2012