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LCME Accreditation

Accreditation status ensures that the EVMS meets national standards for structure, function and performance.

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About LCME

Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) accreditation is a process that occurs every eight years. EVMS received its last letter of full accreditation in 2012. If the LCME has concerns about a school’s ability to meet accreditation requirements, they may offer provisional accreditation and return prior to the eight-year cycle.

Medical schools applying for accreditation compile and submit a survey package to the LCME that is reviewed by a survey team. The package contains a number of documents – many of which include data and information from students.

Accreditation components

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Data Collection Instrument

Includes the medical school’s response to questions for each accreditation element. It's organized into 12 standards and 93 elements.

Institutional Self-Study Report

The medical school’s own analysis of its performance in each of the accreditation elements.

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Independent Student Analysis

Contains the results and analysis of a student-developed questionnaire of LCME-required questions.

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AAMC Medical School Graduate Questionnaire

Survey completed by fourth-year medical students that contains both the medical school’s results and national comparison data.


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