Information Technology provides excellence in technology equipment and services, supporting faculty, staff, students and community clients on the Eastern Virginia Medical Center campus.

  • The Business Service Center provides information technology support to the administrative and academic management functions of EVMS.
  • The Database Center maintains academic and research data, as well as gives access to information technology resources by audience.
  • Media Services serves the EVMS community with the latest in audio-visual technology not only in the classroom, but in the simulation, distance education and video production settings.
  • The Network Information Center supports a wide range of services, including enterprise applications, desktop computing, server configuration and maintenance, network accounts and network communication devices.
  • Telecommunications supports reliable and effective voice and data communication services, including phones and analog devices, voicemail and auto attendant, Call Center management and reports, voice and data cabling installation, underground cable plant management and Emergency Alert system user support and administration.

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