Background and Description

The Team Achievement Award recognizes and rewards superior performance by cross-functional* multidisciplinary teams in support of transformational projects** which further the institution's mission and priorities. The award reflects the complex environment of EVMS and reinforces the collaboration and partnership necessary to achieve key goals. The award takes into consideration existing expertise, and recognizes collaboration between individuals or functional/administrative areas across the institution which, by tradition, work in silos.

* Cross-functional is defined as people from different areas of the institution working together as a team.
** A transformational project is an individual or series of interventions that support sustainable change. For example, this could involve a fundamental change (as opposed to fine-tuning) in processes, services (clinical, education, research, administration), culture, or revenue models which produce improvement in performance in mission area(s) of the institution.

The mission categories are: 

  • Education (e.g., curriculum map to identify areas to integrate (reinforce) basic science concepts in the clerkship years)
  • Research (e.g., development of a template to recognize members of a research project, built on a model of team science, which links to academic promotion)
  • Clinical Care (e.g., development of an innovative multidisciplinary care team to manage a chronic disease that aligns with value-based care provision)
  • Administration (e.g., implementation of a process that improves cross-departmental communication or outcomes)

This award will be presented at the 2021 EVMS Faculty and Staff Virtual Awards Ceremony.

Procedure and Documentation

Please answer the questions included on the nomination form and provide two one-page letters from colleagues, peers, or others in support of the nomination. Support letters should not be submitted by the project lead or members of the team being recognized.

Nominations can be submitted by individual faculty or staff members (including any member of a team or their supervisor). 

When you are ready, fill out the Team Achievement Award Nomination Form. Be sure to have all of your required documentation before beginning the nomination process. You will receive a confirmation email once complete.


Nominations are being accepted through Friday, October 1, 2021. Nominations will NOT be accepted after this date.


  • The nomination should be for a multidisciplinary, and cross-functional, transformational project at EVMS. 
  • All EVMS full-time staff employees and full-time (salaried, non-salaried, VA Medical Center and community) faculty members, in good standing, are eligible to receive recognition with this award. Individual nominees represented in the team may not have had any formal disciplinary action within 36 months prior to the nomination date and must meet or exceed an overall performance rating of "Exceeds Expectation" on his or her most recent employee evaluation or faculty annual review. It is expected that team members have been employed at the institution for at least 12 months.
  • A team previously recognized with the President's Team Achievement Award is ineligible to receive this award again for the same project for which the team was honored. A team and its members are eligible, however, to receive a Team Achievement Award for a different project and/or an individual award in any of the other categories.


  • Evidence of cross-functional and multidisciplinary collaboration.
  • Substantiation of the following related to the transformational project: (i) identified need, (ii) innovation/originality, (iii) current progress, (iv) impact of transformational project, as aligned with a mission category, and (v) contributions made by individual team members.
  • Evidence of the project lasting longer than the life of the team, or can be sustained in the longer term by becoming institutionalized.


A team will be honored with a commemorative award and certificates for team members. 

Award Selection Committee

The 2021 EVMS Team Achievement Award Selection Committee consists of a representative from the Faculty Achievement and Awards Committee, annual Staff Awards Review Committee, Faculty Affairs and Professional Development plus representatives (faculty/staff) from the School of Medicine and representatives (faculty/staff) from the School of Health Professions.

The Award Selection Committee will evaluate the nominations of eligible nominees and select the 2021 recipient. The Award Selection Committee, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to determine that an award not be bestowed in a given year. This might occur if there are no nominations submitted, or if it is determined that the nominations submitted do not meet the award's criteria or eligibility requirements.