In the Fall of 2019, students at the EVMS School of Medicine conducted the Independent Student Analysis (ISA) component of the LCME reaccreditation process that serves to assess, commend, and critique medical education at EVMS. This comprehensive evaluation affords the students and faculty the privilege of earnestly celebrating the institution’s strengths, as well as facilitating discussion of the school’s weaknesses and catalyzing changes where reform is needed.

This report was prepared by the ISA Steering Committee using the results of the ISA Student Survey. The following analysis provides a framework to understand student satisfaction and perspectives on various aspects of medical education at EVMS. Based on these results, the Steering Committee developed a series of recommendations for the SOM’s faculty and administration.

A total of 598 students received the ISA Student Survey and 526 responded. Given the high degree of participation (90%), we have confidence that these results are representative of the entire student body.

Student ISA Committee

The information of each student listed below reflects their status during the 2019-2020 academic year.

  • Alice Chae, MS3
  • Jaclyn Chan, MS4
  • Abby Hargis, MS1
  • Kayla Iannarelli, MS2
  • Ciara Jenkins, MS2 (Chair)
  • Tacora Lemelle, MS1
  • Alexander McNally, MS3
  • Sudarshan Mohan, MS2
  • Black Nowakowski, MS1
  • Justin Refugia, MS4
  • Joe Rogers, MS1
  • Christina Smith, MS3
  • Aaron Snow, MS2 (Co-Chair)