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Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine

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EVMS Jones Institute (EVMS-JI) has closed its IVF Program and discontinued (ended) its Cryopreservation (Cryo) Programs.

The sperm, eggs, embryos and reproductive tissues that remain in storage in the Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS) Tissue Bank are safeguarded and monitored. However, according to the terms of EVMS-JI consent forms signed by patients, EVMS intends to discard all sperm, eggs and embryos that remain in storage on 12/1/2022.

If you believe that you have samples in storage at EVMS, it is your responsibility to contact us and tell us what you want done with any samples. You may be required to pay storage fees until you decide. In order to implement your instructions, you must notify us of your intentions regarding any samples in storage at EVMS by RETURNING YOUR SIGNED CONSENT FORMS by Sept. 1, 2022. EVMS cannot store your samples beyond 12/1/2022 and, according to the terms of your consent, intends to discard all samples that remain in storage at that time.

You can check to see if you have any samples in storage, obtain information about your options and indicate your intentions for your samples by completing the information in this form.

We are committed to working with you to accomplish your goals. For privacy reasons, we must verify your identity before discussing any information that is specific to you and/or your partner. For further information, you can also email us at or call us at 757.446.8944.