Maryanne C. Gathambo, MPH

Director, Community Engaged Learning

Doctor of Medicine, MD

Lewis Hall


Maryanne Koech Gathambo has for the past 14 years worked in; customer service, global health specializing in research and program implementation, program evaluation, and program management for populations affected by non-communicable diseases. Coupled with her upbringing and travels, Maryanne relates to diverse groups and works comfortably in various backgrounds and cultures and believes in connecting community resources, community partners, and students creating a symbiotic relationship that is authentic to both the community partner and the learner. Maryanne is a graduate of the joint EVMS/ODU MPH program and currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership. She hopes this will bring to a pinnacle all her experiences and her love for academia and research in her dissertation on cultural humility in community engagement. Maryanne loves to read, go on safaris and nature walks and is a sci-fi movie fanatic when she can squeeze in the time while juggling a Ph.D. and family life.