HEDS Sexual Assault Campus Climate Survey

The Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium (HEDS) Sexual Assault Campus Climate Survey asks students about their perceptions of their campus’s climate for unwanted sexual contact and sexual assault, their perceptions of how their institution responds to sexual assaults, and whether and how often they have experienced unwanted sexual contact or sexual assault.

The survey was administered in 2021 and 2022.  Participation was  100% voluntary and, there was no obligation for any student to participate.

All Responses were confidential and only HEDS could see full survey responses. Any open-ended comments were not linked to other survey data and any identifying information was removed before being provided to EVMS.

How is the HEDS Data Used by EVMS?

All information collected from the HEDS survey is anonymous. However, the HEDS survey provides EVMS with general data and open-ended comment data to help steer:    

  • Changes to policies and processes
  • Safety improvements
  • Education/prevention efforts
  • Additional training for investigators or other sexual misconduct team members
  • Mechanisms to increase student support
  • Improvements in the way we interact with complainants and respondents involved in sexual misconduct cases