Pursuant to the EVMS Policy on Disclosure of Interests, all EVMS employed  faculty and EVMS faculty in affiliated departments (Pediatrics, Neurology, Urology, Radiology, Emergency Medicine) must complete a  disclosure of  their external financial and time commitments to report non-EVMS activities and interests that could 1) create, or could appear to create, conflicting loyalties, commitments, and responsibilities; and/or 2) affect or appear to affect an individual’s independent, unbiased judgment when making decisions on behalf of EVMS. 

This disclosure must be made at least annually and must be updated within 30 days of any change. In 2016, we moved to an electronic disclosure process and completion/update of your disclosure form must be done online in the InfoEd system. Please note that InfoEd is not supported by all browsers; Internet Explorer seems to have the most technical difficulties. We recommend using Chrome or Firefox when possible.  The InfoEd User Guide provides a list of supported browsers, as well as information on how to access and start or update a disclosure form (available on myPortal).

Questions about the disclosure process or policy should be directed to OGC@evms.edu or 757.446.7250.

Please also feel free to review our Frequently Asked Questions‌.