The next full Board of Visitors meeting will be held on December 10, 2019, at 1 p.m. in the Burroughs Board Room of Andrews Hall.  For the full Board of Visitors meeting schedule, including special meetings and committee meetings, please click here.

The Board of Visitors is the governing body of EVMS. The board is composed of 17 members as follows:

  • two non-legislative members to be appointed at large by the Governor of Virginia
  • two non-legislative members to be appointed by the Senate Committee on Rules
  • three non-legislative members to be appointed by the Speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates
  • six members to be appointed by the Eastern Virginia Medical School Foundation
  • four members who shall be appointed by their respective city councils as follows:
    • two members from the City of Norfolk
    • one member from the City of Virginia Beach
    • one member appointed by the following city councils in a rotating manner beginning with the City of Chesapeake, the City of Hampton, the City of Portsmouth, the City of Suffolk and the City of Newport News

Current Members of the Board of Visitors

Mark R. Warden, Rector
Theresa Emory, MD '89, Vice Rector
Robert J. Bianchi, Treasurer
Sarah Bishop, Secretary
Julie L. Damman, MD ’88
Hon. Paul D. Fraim, Esq.
Sharon S. Goodwyn, Esq.
Chester M. Hart Jr.
Phillip H. Hucles, Esq.
W. Ashton Lewis Sr.
Fred W. Lindsay, DO
T. Richard Litton Jr.
Marcus L. Martin, MD ’76
Alan L. Wagner, MD
Bruce D. Waldholtz, MD